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Why I Love My Micro-Journal (and Why You Will Too)

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Journaling is to morning routines what Jane Austin is to a Lit class: absolute canon. So many people swear by this practice and its benefits that I know I should be doing it, but every time I’ve tried, it’s been a struggle. Maybe it’s the paralysis that sets in when I stare at an empty page, or feeling like I don’t have the time to do it “properly” that holds me back, but for years I would buy a pretty new journal in January, and by February it would be collecting dust. 

micro-journal micro journaling morning routine morning ritual

Then a couple of years ago, I discovered the idea of micro-journaling. This practice is pretty much what it sounds like. Instead of writing out a page or more of your daily thoughts, you just commit to just a few lines a day. Those lines can be whatever you like: big picture thoughts and ideas, a sense of your emotional state, or just a remembrance of a fun lunch with a friend, or a weird subway encounter. The idea is to create a quick snapshot of one moment in time and be done with it. You mean I don’t have to write a long meaningful diatribe recording my very thought and feeling? Sign me up!

Hey, I Can Do This!

As soon as I started micro-journaling, I was in love. This practice clocks in at about 3-5 minutes tops, and I always finish before I can start to overthink what I’m writing. It’s the kind of low-pressure/low-stakes activity I like to get behind. I also love that if I skip a day, it’s really easy to go back and fill in a line or two. 

What really took micro-journaling up a notch for me was discovering this 5-year journal. I can’t tell you how cool it is to open my journal to write about a random Wednesday and read about what I was up to 3 years ago on the same day. It’s like Facebook Memories, but it’s not mining my data for shareholder profit. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Micro Journal, Big Benefits

In case you’re still on the fence about micro-journaling, here are some of the benefits you could be missing out on if you forgo this minimal-effort practice. 

🧘Enhancing Mindfulness and Gratitude
In the act of writing about your day, even if it’s just a few sentences, you anchor yourself in the present moment. This daily ritual encourages you to reflect on the day’s events, big or small, allowing you to cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude for the moments that might otherwise pass unnoticed. Over time, this practice nurtures a mindset that seeks and appreciates the beauty in the mundane.

Fostering Consistency and Discipline
The beauty of a micro-journaling lies in its simplicity. Writing just a few lines each day is a small commitment, making it easier to stick to. This gentle approach to journaling reduces the pressure often associated with more extensive diary entries, promoting a consistent and disciplined habit. As the days turn into months and years, you’ll find satisfaction in the stack of recorded memories, all thanks to a few minutes of daily commitment.

🪟 Viewing A Window to Your Past Self
Imagine being able to see, on any given day, what you were thinking, feeling, and experiencing on that same day across five years. Sure, you can do that on social media, but what you wrote there was for public consumption. What you write in this journal will be far more personal and true. This time capsule effect offers invaluable insights into your real personal growth and life patterns. You’ll be able to celebrate how far you’ve come, understand recurring themes in your life, and perhaps even smile at the concerns that once seemed monumental but now appear trivial.

🧠 Supporting Your Mental Health
Journaling is a therapeutic activity, providing a safe space to express thoughts and emotions without judgment. This daily outlet can be particularly beneficial for your mental health, offering a form of stress relief and a way to process complex emotions. Over the years, your journal becomes not only a repository of memories but also a testament to your resilience and coping mechanisms.

🔮 Cultivating Patience and Long-Term Vision
In an era dominated by instant gratification, a 5-year micro-journal is a gentle reminder of the value of patience and long-term investment in oneself. The gradual unfolding of your journal’s narrative mirrors the slow, often imperceptible, growth that occurs within us. It’s a lesson in patience and the beauty of gradual, consistent effort over time.

I Love This 5-Year Micro-Journal

I’ve been at this a while, so I’ve tested a few of these journals. This particular one is my absolute favorite for a few reasons. 

micro-journal  morning routine morning ritual

High Quality Construction: The cover is so soft, and the paper is thick enough that you don’t see the ink from yesterday’s entry through the page. It’s not clunky, but it’s sturdy enough to easily last the 5 years of daily use.
Double Ribbon Bookmark: I keep one on the page I’m on, and one on my birthday, where I write my hopes for the year ahead. It makes it easy to reference a special day throughout the year.
Lays Flat: Nothing is more annoying than trying to write in a journal that won’t lay flat. 
Elastic Closure: This is handy if you keep scraps of paper or photos in the back pocket (it has a back pocket!) of your journal. You can also grab this matching pen loop to keep yourself totally organized. 
Size: The 8.25” x 5.75” size is perfect. Small enough to easily carry on the go, large enough that you can still write a full paragraph for each day. 

If that one doesn’t do it for you, here are a few other options to consider:

  • This one is a bit thicker and has lined entries if you prefer that. Looks more like a regular book. Lots of color options.
  • This one is much smaller and comes in tons of styles and colors. 
  • This one is also on the smaller side, but I love that it has the day of the week pre-printed for each entry. 

Make It Part of Your Morning

Honestly, there are few practices as perfect for a low-stress morning routine as micro-journaling. It’s quick and easy, and gives you a big boost of mindfulness (one of the 3 Ms!) to start your day. Micro-journaling requires minimal time investment but offers rich, long-term rewards. Whether you’re looking to deepen your self-awareness, foster gratitude, or simply keep a unique record of your life, starting a 5-year micro-journal could be the beginning of a beautiful, transformative journey. So why not grab a pen and begin today? The story of your life, told through daily snippets, awaits.

Have you tried micro-journaling? Share your favorite entry below!

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