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Elevate Your Mornings with This High Vibe Playlist

Here at Morning, Human!, we are absolutely obsessed with mornings. Why? Because they are a critical time for setting the tone for the entire day ahead. And while it’s true that having a morning routine is essential to your well-being, what that routine looks like that is unique to you, and always evolving. With that in mind, I’m constantly exploring new ideas for my mornings (and yours!), and that’s how I stumbled upon high vibe music. High vibe music, known for its positive, uplifting qualities, can add a little something sparkly to your morning routine, helping to infuse your day with positivity and peace.

Exploring High Vibe Music

high vibe music playlist morning routine morning ritual

What the heck is high vibe music? I’m glad you asked! High vibe music is more than just a genre; it’s like auditory glitter…designed to elevate your spirit and instill a sense of calm and happiness. It typically features soothing melodies, gentle rhythms, and lyrics that inspire and uplift. Drawing from a mix of genres like ambient, world, and soft electronic, high vibe music is characterized by its ability to resonate with listeners on a deeper, more spiritual level.

I found high vibe music through one Aiza song on Spotify. It seemed to perfectly express the mood that morning, and the lyrics just made me feel warm and tingly. I followed that track down a rabbit hole and discovered this entire genre of music that was intently focused on encouraging the listener to strive towards their highest self.

And strive probably isn’t the right word here. This isn’t some aggressive “work harder, be better” BS, it’s more like the music wants to gently lead you down the path towards your greatest happiness and most positive futures. There are some affirmations, some mentions of magic, and a lot of ambient sounds and positive energy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to start their day in that headspace?

A Little Bit Woo-Woo, a Little Bit Scientific

If this is all feeling a little hippy-dippy to you, don’t despair. There’s actually some science to explain why this music makes your feel so good. Starting your day with high vibe music can potentially enhance your mood, boost your mental clarity, and set a foundation of positivity for the day.

Let’s do the math on that. Research has found that aesthetic experiences, including listening to music, can offer broad benefits such as mood regulation, increased empathy, stress reduction, improved health, enhanced concentration, and even a boost in creativity. These effects are often attributed to the music’s ability to foster positive affect, which aligns with the idea that high vibe music could set a positive foundation for your day.

Moreover, a specific study explored the impact of different types of music on mood, tension, and mental clarity among participants. The study observed that designer music, which is created to have specific effects on the listener, significantly increased feelings of caring, relaxation, mental clarity, and vigor, while reducing feelings of hostility, fatigue, sadness, and tension.

These findings underscore the potential of high vibe music to improve focus, creativity, and foster a positive environment, making it a spot-on addition to morning routines aimed at setting a positive tone for the day.

On To the Playlist!

If you’re like me a few months ago and have no idea where to begin with high vibe music, this Morning, Human! playlist was made for you.

Give it a listen and like the way it makes you feel, you can always opt to build a more personalized playlist over time. Start by exploring various artists and tracks, paying attention to how each piece makes you feel. Include a variety of songs to cater to different morning needs—uplifting tunes for days when you need extra motivation and serene melodies for moments of quiet reflection or meditation.

To keep it fresh, regularly update your high vibe playlist, adding new songs that resonate with your evolving tastes and emotional needs. Experiment with incorporating music into different morning activities and note what works best for you. The goal is to ensure that high vibe music remains a vibrant and nurturing part of your mornings, contributing to a positive start every day.

And if you don’t have time for that, just favorite this playlist and queue it up whenever you’re in the high vibe mood.

Integrating High Vibe Music into Your Mornings

I do love high vibe music now, but for me it’s a very niche morning listen. You won’t find me blaring this in the car on the way to work. But there are several ways to incorporate this music into your current morning routine. Let it play as you wake up, during your morning exercise, or while you’re having breakfast. I tend to listen to it while I’m doing my 15 minutes of stretching in the morning, particularly on those days when I need a big emotional boost to face what lies ahead. But even when I have it on while I’m less focused (say getting dressed or making my bed) I’m still absorbing the positive messages. Somehow, I just feel more enlightened on those days.

If you like what you hear and want to take it one step further, consider creating a ritual where you listen intentionally, perhaps journaling your thoughts or setting intentions for the day as you listen. This practice can enhance the music’s impact, aligning your mind, body, and spirit for the day ahead.

Keep the High Vibes Going

While high vibe music doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, I find that making room for it a few mornings each week works well for me. Integrating high vibe music into your morning routine has the potential foster more positivity, creativity, and peace. By selecting music that uplifts and resonates with you and making it a consistent part of your morning, you’ll find that each day begins with a brighter, more hopeful outlook. High vibe music is not just a background score; it’s a tool for transformation, making every morning an opportunity for renewal and growth.

Give this playlist a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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