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Going Your Own Way: Is a Job Transition the Cure for Burnout?

At Morning, Human!, we love to share resources that help our readers live a more meaningful life, and “Burned Out and Fantasizing About a Big Life Reset? Start Here.” by Elaine Meyer is jam packed with helpful info and inspiration if you’re considering a job transition. If you find yourself dreaming about ditching your day job and taking a totally different path, take the time to read the whole in-depth article here. Want the Cliff’s Notes? We’re breaking down the most important points below.

Here’s Why We’re Sharing This Article

It highlights an important trend that’s catching on: folks waving goodbye to jobs that just don’t spark joy and saying hello to careers that match their true passions and values. This article is all about understanding why we might feel stuck and how to begin the journey to aligning work with what makes us truly happy.

It’s also a tale of community, where finding others who share our vision can make all the difference, and a tale of courage to try out new roles until we find the perfect fit. Plus, it’s a nod to the power of self-reflection, where getting to know ourselves better can be the key to unlocking a career that really fulfills us.

If You’re Thinking About Your Own Job Transition, Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Burnout is real.  This isn’t news to us, but a lot of people have trouble connecting all the uncomfortable feelings they’re having to burnout. Too often we brush it off, thinking we’re just tired, or this is just a rough week, when it’s actually a problem that needs to be addressed. Some of the facts in this article are sobering, like that 61% of workers say job stress affects their health.
  • You need to trust yourself. When you’re unhappy at work, your brain and body will send you all kinds of signals to spur you to shake things up. Learning to listen to those signals and trust what they are telling you is one of the first steps of a meaningful job transition. This article is full of inspiring stories of women who did just that.
  • You don’t have to know what’s next. The internet is full of stories of people who “followed their passion” and changed careers, but what if you don’t know what your passion is? The experts in this article say that’s a-okay. The best path forward is one of experimentation and discovery. You can pursue multiple passions or try new things until you find the one that feels right.
  • You don’t have to go it alone. Radical career shifts can feel lonely when you’re striking out on your own. It’s critical to connect with people who are on a similar path. This may mean joining a Facebook group of like-minded folks or finding another entrepreneur for monthly coffee dates. You’ll need support to make a job transition so find the people who will cheer you on in this endeavor and stick with them.
  • Considering the cost. One of the reasons we stay stuck in corporate jobs is that we get used to that paycheck and the feeling of stability it provides. But when that paycheck comes at the cost of your physical and mental health, it’s time to rethink what you really need to get by. Exploring the different financial strategies shared in this article can help you make a shift without jeopardizing your security.
  • Inaction has a cost, too. There’s a ton of fear around leaving the corporate world behind. What if I fail? What if I go broke? What if I can’t get work again if I need it? Too often we don’t consider the risks of staying in a job that is draining us. Like what if we live a life where we feel unhappy and unfulfilled? Yikes. Reframing your risks is a big part of embracing change, and you’ll read about women who have done just that.

A Meaningful Subject to Delve Into

burnout job transition

Career resets are worth exploring, even if you never actually take the plunge and quit. Why? Because looking closely at what is making you unhappy will help you discover what will make you happy…and knowing that is key to a better life. Maybe you won’t end up handing in your notice, but you might be inspired to spend more time on the activities that fulfill you, and that’s another kind of win.

If you’re at all curious about making a job transition, be sure to read the full article for inspiring stories of people who actually made it happen. We’ll keep exploring this topic at Morning, Human! and recommend more great articles like this one in the future.

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